You will get to know Andalusian culture whilst you learn to speak Spanish and dance Flamenco

Our art

Your Spanish teachers: Ángel, flamenco dancer, Rafa, guitar player and Paco and Rocío, clappers, will show you the soul of flamenco, to tap, to move your hands with grace, without missing a beat. At the same time, learning and communicating in Spanish, in a natural, funny and different way. Discovering the art belonging to the “tabancos” (stalls) of Jerez, don´t miss out on this fandango “no te rías de mi cariño, que te puede equivocá” (don´t laugh at me honey, you may be wrong). The rhythm, the clapping, the dance, the local singing, the tools to learn Spanish on a flamenco floor.
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Espectaculo Flamenco

Our "duende" "talent"

On another day you will discover how to sew a flamenco dress, the sound of a “zambomba” in a beautiful Andalusian village. The mixture between culture, passion, devotion that you will get to know at the religious pilgrimages or you will feel how it sounds the “cante jondo” at a flamenco club. Would you dare to dance “sevillanas” in a stand of the fair? And of course, you will partake of the gastronomy, the famous tapas, walking through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, you will experience Seville and its bewitchment.

Exclusive accommodation

Accommodation is provided just 15 minutes from the centre of Seville at the Cortijo el Esparragal (click here for more information), which is built on the site of a 17th century convent situated on a 3,000 hectare farm specialising in olive tree cultivation, the breeding of pure Spanish thoroughbred horses and Retinto cattle.
A perfect blend of history, tradition and the comfort and convenience of today. Minutes from Seville one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Exclusively yours from Sunday afternoon to Friday midday. Sharing with a maximum of 12 people with common interests and outlook
Cortijo El Esparragal
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